The Central City Opera Program


Your connection to a highly desired audience,

Central City Opera Program
is a unique advertising vehicle, reaching Colorado’s most affluent and educated arts audience throughout the summer.

Sell-out crowds mark each year, with more than 35,000 affluent patrons attending each season’s performances. Over 50 percent of the attendees earn more than $75,000 and nearly 30 percent of the attendees earn more than $150,000. More than 90 percent of the attendees have a college degree. This creates an inviting advertising opportunity in The Central City Opera Program; especially when it is considered that many in the audience keep their program as a lasting memento of their evening at the opera.

The program is published in June with a May 1 advertising deadline.

The Central City Opera Program reflects the quality that is the Central City Opera. Perfect bound with stunning full-color presentation, The Central City Opera Program presents sumptuous editorial content that compliments every opera experience.

The Central City Opera Program is a rare and attractive advertising opportunity to reach an educated, affluent segment of Colorado’s arts community.

For in-depth information on how The Central City Opera Program will benefit your enterprise call 303.443.0600 or 1.800.903.2532.

Twelfth Page 2.25″ x 2.25″
Sixth Page horizontal 4.75″w x 2.25″h
Sixth Page vertical 2.25″w x 4.75″h
Third Page square 4.75″w x 4.75″h
Third Page vertical 2.25″w x 9.75″h
Half Page horizontal 7.25″w x 4.75″h
Half Page vertical (island) 4.75″w x 7.25″h
Full Page :
Live Area 7.25″w x 9.75″h
Full Page Trim 8.375″ x 10.875″
Full Page Bleed 8.875″ x 11.375″(300 DPI)



35,000+ readers

Publication Dates


Ad Deadlines

Materials: May 1

Ad Specs

Sizes at left

Color and B/W ads available

  • Central City Opera patrons who earn more than $75,000/yr 50% 50%
  • who earn more than $150,000/yr 30% 30%
  • who have a college degree 90% 90%

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