Colorado Shakespeare Festival Program

Shakespeare classics in a Colorado classic,


CSF14-CoverPromote your summer arts event! Advertise in the Colorado Shakespeare Festival Program. Deadline is mid-May.

Since the inaugural season in 1958, the Colorado Shakespeare Festival has grown to be much more than a summertime Boulder institution — it has become a nationally recognized Shakespeare festival that attracts loyal patrons from throughout the region.

The award-winning Colorado Shakespeare Festival Program is the premier marketing opportunity to connect with Colorado’s largest single arts audience. A bright original-art cover draws readers into the glossy, full-color program filled with information about the Shakespeare Festival. A look back at previous summer’s plays, lively stories about the current season’s productions and behind-the-scenes profiles of the actors and people producing these classic plays give Colorado Shakespeare Festival Program deep editorial content.

The sell-out audiences each summer at the Shakespeare Festival total 50,000 people from a very attractive demographic profile. More than 25 percent of the audience earns more than $75,000 annually with more than half of the audience earning more than $50,000 annually. An overwhelming 74 percent of the attendees own their own homes.


The geographic reach of the Colorado Shakespeare Festival Program spreads beyond Boulder County (home to 45 percent of the audience members) to the Denver metro area (home to an additional 32 percent of the attendees).

Savvy marketers can join the Colorado Shakespeare Festival Program by reserving space in May. The publication date is in June, and the program is distributed throughout the entire four-play summer season.

Colorado Shakespeare Festival Program is your connection to Shakespearean classics performed in Colorado classic productions.

For in-depth information on how the Colorado Shakespeare Festival Program will benefit your enterprise call 303.443.0600 or 1.800.903.2532.

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50,000 readers in Boulder County & the Denver metro area

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  • CMF attendees who earn more than $75,000/yr 25% 25%
  • who earn more than $50,000/yr 50% 50%
  • who own their own home 74% 74%

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